Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates E-paper Display

It is nice to have a Cryptocurrency exchange rates running on your desktop all you need of a hardware is your Raspberry pi , and a 2.7″ epaper display
here there a video to explain how to make it

and also you should watch this video , that is explaining how to run the waveshare demo code on the 2.7″(B) epaper display

Now after you attached the Display to the Raspberry pi and installed Raspbian
Steps :
1- Update Your Copy Of Raspbian
in the terminal type
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

after finishing the update/upgrade

2- Install Git
in the terminal also type
sudo apt-get install git-all

3- clone the python library “coinmarketcap”
this is the page for the library

so now in the terminal
git clone

4- Install the library requirements

the first library is requests
and in the video i forgot to install it because it was installed by default on my machine

here is how to install it

git clone git://
cd requests
sudo python install

cd ..

then you gonna need to clone this library and install it

git clone
cd requests-cache
sudo python install

cd ..
cd coinmarketcap
sudo python install
cd ..

now you have installed the libraries required to run the code

you can now pull the code from github and run it on your Raspberry pi

5- Clone and Run the code

if you have the display with the 3 color version (RED BLACK WHITE)

git clone
cd python

if you have the display with the 2 color version (BLACK WHITE)

git clone

it should now be running on the display

DIY YouTube subscriber counter using ESP8266 and E-paper display

Having a YouTube subscribers counter on your desk may be a bit encouraging to make more videos …,
in this video, I’m using ESP8266 and a Waveshare Epaper display to make the counter

** in the video I forgot to mention to add your channel ID**
and here is where to find your channel ID

URLs :

– u8g2 Library
– GXEPD Library
-Google Apis